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November 23, 2009

On Community and Communties

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After that last post about trash, it’s time for a more positive one.  One of the things I’ve gotten a lot out of thus far in life, without really intending to,  is being a participant in  some very interesting and somewhat diverse communities.  That includes a number of recreational groups, such as the windsurfing, climbing, and photography communities, as well as in my working world of computing, Physics, and entrepreneurship. On the recreational front, I’ll always treasure those days spent with my co-founders of the Kingston Boardsailing Association (hi to Brian, Evan, Denise, Phil, Ruth, John, Cathy, and all the rest of you), especially on those windy days on Lake Ontario.  It’s great to see after 20 years that the good old KBA is still sailing along!  I did a short but rewarding stint as a director of the Jericho Sailing Centre Association, and I wish I had more time to be involved in the rock climbing community, which is a particularly diverse and interesting one. The Physics community is a particularly international one, at least through my own experiences, and took me to many places in North America plus a very rewarding period in Japan.
Part of the point of this post is to say thanks and “hi” to all of the people who’ve been part of those communities with me so far, but I’m also very interested in any comments on this slightly sentimental post.  I think these communities simply make the world a better place and I hope to be more involved in them and other communities in the future.

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